We all know motivation is what keeps you hustling and going in life. However at times you may find yourself not motivated at all. There are moments where I am just completely out of it mentally & emotionally for 2 to 3 weeks at a time then I'll be good for another 7-8 months. 

That's when I know its time to stop it and get out of the funk! To get myself back into gear I remind myself of the goals I want to accomplish. By doing that I begin to visualize it and create smaller goals from that HUGE goal. Setting smaller goals and tackling them one by one the sense of accomplishment comes into play. Once I see myself accomplishing them it motivates me to keep going!

Another way I stay motivated is by celebrating those small accomplished goals. Whether it's out with friends or just at home by myself relaxing, shopping online, and eating whatever I want for the day/night. Celebrating like that will keep me wanting to work hard and stay on the right path so I can do some more celebrating. You can't over work yourself with no type of reward, it'll be draining if you don't! Take a break from all of that hard work and dedication once in a while to reward yourself! YOU DESERVE IT!

I also take time out and find inspiration on Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. There's so much to read online like motivational quotes, articles, and/or looking at inspiring pictures. My favorite of course is Instagram because depending on who you follow you can find some really good gems! By "gems" I mean amazing inspirational, self-motivating people! They make you want to be on your A game and get sh*t done!

The right circle of friends to get advice from is important too. Thankfully I finally have a group of friends who are very intelligent, genuine, and motivating. If you have a good group of friends who are all of those things and they love you then they will make sure you are doing good. Keep your circle filled with people who want you to WIN in life! It's a MUST! Can't have negative people around you because it will only bring you down not lift you up when you need it the most. So if there's any negative people in your life then cut them out!

Doing all of the things in this post are what help me get back into HU$TLE mode to get things done. Overall just keep a good and positive mindset and focus on what you want and finding yourself!



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