With Summer right around the corner a few of us are scrambling last minute to find the hottest swimsuits. Whether its for the pool and/or beach you want to look fierce while your enjoying time as all women do! The key I found is to match the cut of the swimsuit to your curves and the colors/patterns to your personality! If you hand found that perfect bikini or monokini/one-piece then I am here to help you and show you my 2 current favorite swimwear lines which are AMOUR&MER and WE THE DREAMRS.

The first one which I found through Instagram is AmourandMer.com! They are located in England and they are a swimwear company. They have simple yet amazing styles that are sensual and perfect for the summer time! They also have a beautiful one piece called SHILO, which if you are more on the conservative side and prefer to be subtle and like solid colors it's just the right match for you. I recently got their OMARI bikini which I LOVE! Very good quality it's so soft and feminine and makes you feel so good while wearing it. I recommend you all checking out their website www.AMOURMER.com and add them on IG @amourandmer! Also they are always looking for brand ambassodors so be sure to follow them for a chance to be one! Be sure to use DISCOUNT CODE: KESHIA10 at checkout for a discount! 

My second fav is WE THE DREAMRS. I also found them on Instagram and they are designed by two lovely ladies from Australia. Their collection of bathing suits are breathtaking! The CELESTIAL SWIM SS17 collection is so luxurious! My favorites bikini the COSMO TOP with the VALENCIA BOTTOMS. We The Dreamrs has sexy one pieces such as the MONTAUK one-piece and the LUNA one-piece. You can mix and match colors, bottoms, and tops to whatever your personality desires!  Even if you're top heavy like myself that have swimsuits that are very flattering for your body! You can find all of their swimsuits at www.wethedreamrs.com and follow them on IG @wethedreamrs

Don't forget to just worry about what makes YOU look good, feel good, and fierce. Don't worry about what other people will be thinking! Love yourself and strut your stuff confidently this summer at the pool/beach!!



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