Spring is right around the corner and us women can't help but think of what to wear and what to do with our hair. With that said I'm just here to share a couple of my personal favorite hair styles that I like for Spring!

Natural curly hair is definitely one of my favorite looks. In the colder months I normally keep my hair blow dried straight. But in the warmer months, I like to try to keep it curly. Also even if you don't have curly hair you can use hot tools like a wand to create curls all different sizes. The curly look is such an effortless style! You can shower, wash your hair, & then apply moisturizer to keep it from looking dry. You can use a diffuser if you'd like for more volume. Less heat is the healthy way to go and you can walk out into the world feeling naturally amazing!


Sleek, Sexy, & Straight is my second favorite. Can't go wrong with the 3 S's! I personally like to have my hair super straight with a middle part. Once in a blue I also like to just have it all slicked back. With both of these styles you can play them up or down. You can go out on the town with the girls dancing and also can wear them to work. Some may need hairspray or cream/gel to keep it in position or it's the best for day 3 hair. It's definitely a chic/bossy look that anyone can pull off with confidence.


Besides the style of the hair the color and cut are important as well. One popular coloring of the hair is balayage(with color of your choice.) Now if you're not one for color or if your hair can't handle color well like mine then a trim or cut is the way to go. A short shoulder length cut can be the perfect look. But if you want to keep your length then you could layer your hair to give it dimension.


Don't be afraid to try new styles, cuts, and colors. You never know you may fall in love with something new and rediscover yourself just in time for Spring!



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