Allow me to introduce to you Goldie. She's a beauty blogger from New York that I've been watching for a while on twitter, IG, and her blog of course. So I decided to message her on Instagram and ask her if she would like to be featured on my blog. Of course being the sweetheart that she is she said yes. So I'll let you read all about her below.

KL: When did you start

Goldie: I started it in January of 2015 after months and months of putting it off (LOL) I started off just giving product reviews and now it has grown to something more. Beauty interviews, lifestyle posts, and of course still beauty tips + beauty reviews.

KL: What was the whole motivation to want to start?

Goldie: It took a real bad hair mishap for me to really start to research about hair care and taking care of my hair in general. I learned so many amazing things that really helped me that I was dying to share. One day I started posting a lot of tips on twitter and a lot of people was like "you should start a blog" and that's really how it started.

KL: What can people look forward to from going to your site?

Goldie: People can look forward to a lot of different things that basically all revolve around beauty. I'm adding lifestyle things as well. I have a new feature called The Gold Lining and people are sharing personal stories including myself plus still plenty of beauty tips, beauty post, product reviews and so much more.

KL: How did you create "The Golden Treatment" (what is in it?)

Goldie: First I did my research on hair growth, what can help hair grow and things of that nature. I got a few of the oils that help with hair growth (Jamaican black Castor oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint oil) and added some horsetail extract and began using it on myself. Once I saw my hair growing from using it I gave some to my friends to try and it worked for them also.

KL: What result has there been from using it(whether it be yourself or others)?

Goldie: My hair has grown a lot from using it. One of my friends has super curly hair but the middle was always dry and since she's been using it her dry patch is about 90% gone and is super moisturized and healthy. I definitely see a difference in my hair and other people who have seen my hair go through changes notice it as well.

Be sure to check out Goldie's blog if you haven't by now and order her amazing hair treatment at . You can follow her on her social media links below.



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