If you've been wondering how people get jeans with the ripped look you can now find out how to do it on your own! Now this is my first time doing this but I think I did a pretty good job if I say so my self!

It's much cheaper & easy for you to do yourself!
Well let me explain the 3 things you need.

1. An old pair of jeans
2. Scissors
3.Needle and/or Tweezers

Below are pictures showing how I created the ripped look...
You will need a pair of scissors, tweezers, if you dont have a scissors you can use a nail clipper as I did!

Create a whole with your scissors or nail clippers and cut horizontally along your jeans.
Make the cut as long as you want.
Then make another cut below where you want the ripped area to end.
Once both sides are cut, you can pull the the horizontal threads apart carefully with your tweezers or needle.
Which will loosen up the other threads for you to pull out. 

Once you have the thread loose you can pull them out one by one with your tweezers.
(which doesnt take long)

Once all the threads are out you can stretch the remaing threads and give them a distressed type look.

& POW!
Do it to any area of your jeans and it creates the ripped look you wanted!
(after you washed them it will create a more vintage look)

Hope I helped! xoxo



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