Nazanin Mandi Interview Highlights

Beauty, intelligence, & talent all in one woman! Her name is Nazanin Mandi. If you haven't heard of her or seen her already then allow me to introduce you to her. This Persian, Latina, and Native American beauty is definitely one to keep your eye on!

Nazanin Mandi is a model, actress, and singer! You might have seen her in Bobby Valentino's "Anonymous" video and Miguel's "Girls Like You" video. As well seen her in campaigns such as Worlds Most Beautiful Magazine, Cosmo Girl, Skinny Magazine, Two in the Shirt, and many many more! In regards to acting she was in numerous independent films, so you can see her in the short film "The Client"  on vimeo and! She's also is a singer, you can expect Nazanin to be dropping an album or 2 in the future! You may have also seen her on the arm of her talented R&B singer boyfriend Miguel!

Most recently I got the opportunity to interview her. Nazanin has been modeling for about 15 years now and she had said "My start was very unexpected. I was w/my mother eating lunch, a photographer asked me if I've even modeled before I lied and said yes, he asked my mother and I to come down to his studio to shoot Catalog work and well the rest is history!" Being that she is so humble and down to earth it's good that she got into modeling and takes her career seriously!

In the fashion world her goals are to do many more beauty campaigns she says since they are her favorite to shoot! Since modeling goes hand in hand with acting it's only right for her to get into acting as well!

She is an inspiration to many people who want to get into the fashion, acting, and signing world! Nazinin Mandi says "Practice Practice Practice! In front of the mirror, test shoot as much as possible, study your angles, know what works for you. When it comes to Acting you need to be in class." Nazanin knows you have to perfect your craft! In her words "looks can get you in the door but true talent will keep you there!"

Below are a few interesting highlights from the interview with Nazanin Mandi....

K.Larie: Being that you are a model/actress, which one do you love doing the most? Is there anything else you are great at as well?

N.Mandi: That's a very difficult choice! For my Acting and Modeling come hand and hand. I feel in order to be an amazing model you must be an amazing Actress.. Modeling is Acting in Stills. But my ultimate goal is to be and actress, it's challenging, exciting and most definitely my passion. I'm
Also a very great singer! I grew up doing Musical Theatre, singing at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in NYC and was a signed Artist. Once my acting career has fully taken off you can definitely expect and album or two from me.

K.larie: What was your most favorite shoot to date since becoming a talented model/actress? What was the worst thing you've dealt with as being a model?

N.Mandi: My most favorite shoot to date would have to be for Worlds Most Beautiful Magazine! It was sexy,classy and I always love working w/ the amazing Photographer Nick Saglimbeni and the Slickforce crew. As far as acting I would have to say when I guest starred on Disney Channels "That's so Raven". My role was so opposite of who I am and the cast/crew were all so professional/fun. The worst thing I've had to deal w/ as a model would probably be the height factor. I'm 5'5(on a good day lol) but I never let that hinder my determination. Once my pics are in the hands of casting my height usually doesn't matter.

K.Larie: As we seen you are an actress and your Short film "The Client" you did an amazing job in! When will part 2 come out? What's your latest project coming out?

N.Mandi: Thank you very much! We should start filming part 2 ASAP! So stay tuned for the release!! Before 2012 is over I have an Editorial in Worlds Most Beautiful Magazine, I'm a new Slickforce Girl, Centerfold in Skinnie Magazine, 2 separate Summer Two in the Shirt Campaigns, FHI Heat campaign and a national campaign for KUPA Nails!

K.Larie: How are people able to find out more about you and possibly book you or contact you?

N.Mandi: Check out my website!
Instagram: NazaninMandi

Below is Nazanin Mandi starring in the short film "The Client" as well as some pictures!



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