With it being summer & vacation season and all it would be a perfect time to introduce a new swimwear line called Fede Swimwear!
Fede was created in 2011, they are based and manfucatured straight out of Los Angeles, California.

Fede was created by designer Diana Marcotrigiano and is ran also by her husband Anthony M. I recently got a chance to talk to Anthony from Fede Swimwear and I networked with him. Anthony and Diana are very humble and professional, they are serious about their craft!

Now I know you're wanting to know about the bikinis! They have many stylish, eye-popping bikinis that will keep you  trendy to choose from. Different colors and styles and textures. They even have monokinis if you dont feel comfortable in 2 pieces.

 Fortunately enough I was able to have one sent to me personally by Diana and Anthony and while I was in Punta Cana in DR I got the chance to wear it! It was the new gorgeous black and red swirls bikini! I absolutely loved it before I even tried it on! It fits my body perfectly! Material is high quality and not to mention the pattern is super cute! So if you like high quality and affordable swimwear then you definitely have to check out!



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