Introducing Haati Chai’s Designer Stella Simona

If you haven’t discovered or Haati Chai’s designer Stella Simona I am here to inform you. Haati Chai is a one of a kind jewelry line that is made for women and men. The exquisite jewelry line consists of headpieces, earrings, bracelets, body chains, and anklets. Each Haati Chai piece is uniquely designed and detailed by hand showing great craftsmanship. I recently got a chance to speak with the very humble designer Stella Simona and ask her a few questions about herself and creating Haati Chai.

K.Larie: How long ago did you start Haati Chai & what inspired you?

S.Simona: Haati Chai began 3.23.2011. I am a fashion photographer and I previously constantly faced the issue of not having the right style of jewelry for shoots. One day instead of looking I decided to take the initiative and design myself.

K.Larie: How would you define the style your jewelry line exemplifies?

S.Simona: In a nutshell Haati Chai is contemporary twist to ancient and ethnic designs.

K.Larie: Do you have a team that works with you or do you solely accomplish all business tasks alone?

S.Simona: I started out handling the entire company myself with my partner Caleb Wilson. From marketing to photography to designs– you name it. I see Haati Chai as our baby so we wanted ago guide it properly. Currently however our line has grown drastically. We are located internationally and make sales all over the world. It is something two people cannot handle alone. We have major team members and various interns for different departments. We love our team and without them Haati Chai would not be what it is.

K.Larie: What is your most favorite piece you’ve ever created and how long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

S.Simona: My personal favorite piece is the “Shojaru Body Chain” This took 3 days to design. Shoulder details on outfits are totally in. Normally they are attached to the outfit. I wanted to design something functional with a cocktail dress or even jeans and a tank top. I had to consider how to make something which would sit on any outfit and not fall off. After the prototype was made successfully it only takes around 1 day to complete. This piece is also a personal fave of many fashion stylists!

K.Larie: What is your best advice you would give to those wanting to start their own jewelry line?

S.Simona: Jewelry is a way to define yourself. It is a form of art. In an artistic standpoint always create from within, use your own designs. It does not hurt to find inspiration however keep it eccentric. Thats what everyones really looking for — exclusivity. I think our unique pieces makes our line stand out the most. And then from a business standpoint have a business plan. If you’re making a ton of amazing pieces but not marketing and setting a great plan in motion no one will gain knowledge on your brand.

K.Larie: Where is Haati Chai headquarters based & besides on where else can readers buy your jewelry?

S.Simona: Headquarters for Haati Chai is downtown LA! All our current locations are listed on our site!

K.Larie: Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

S.Simona: I try to be very personal with our clients and hands on. To get a daily insight on my life check in with my twitter or instagram. Very simple! Haati Chai is the same way we like to communicate hands on. There is no middle man. We have our own blogs as well. Check em out at and !

Below are a few signature Haati Chai pieces:

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